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Are You Going to Finish Strong?
Nick Vujicic has no arms or legs but provides inspiration to school kids.

Central New York Coalition for Children with Special Needs

Informative website that helps identify and help parents and professionals support kids with apraxia. A speech-related disorder, apraxia can affect many of the muscles in the body.

Central New York Chapter – Autism Society of American (CNY ASA)
Informative web site for local and national support for parents with children with autism. Includes local conference dates, workshops and meeting dates. Sign-up for their newsletter!

National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD)
Advocacy group to help parents help their child with learning disabilities. Take a look at their featured articles with Parent News, latest research, and articles related to learning disabilities from other sources.



Parental Resource Web Site
Many sources related to education, special education, and North Syracuse Central School District Information.

UW Extention – Parenting the Preschooler
Interesting .pdf articles on topics such as personality styles, discipline, health/safety, etc. geared just for parents of the preschooler.

Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS)
Help for the challenging child from the Harvard psychologist, Dr. Ross Greene. You can subscribe to the newsletter, read his books, or even visit Dr. Greene’s center in Newton Corner, MA.
Other CPS web sites include:
Think: Kids, Rethinking Challenging Kids