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Delta Sonic Fundraiser

Thank you to everyone that pre-ordered from us during the Delta Sonic Fundraiser.  We feel it was very successful and are so grateful.  We sold over 280 tickets generating about $3,400 in sales and a fundraising profit of $1638.50!  We are very excited to use that money to fulfill wish requests, fund staff development, and continue to buy items that are unique to the school’s inclusive preschool classroom setting.



Just in time for the gift-giving season….

Support Main Street Preschool!  Consider preordering one or more tickets for a Delta Sonic car wash or 10 minute interior clean.  If you are interested in purchasing tickets, the order form is below. You can either drop your order off to the Main Office of Main Street School or you can mail them to us at 210 South Main Street, North Syracuse, NY 13212. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us! All proceeds will help us to enhance the program at Main Street.

See the flyers for additional information.

The 3 downloadable, printable documents are the 3 links directly below.  Underneath those links are pictures of those documents.

Information Sheet            Delta Sonic Prices and Descriptions            Order Form


Thank you for your support!